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February 10, 2005



My two day experience at Whole Foods was that all employees seemed genuinly happy to be there. They were working together and helpful to the customers. The place had a good feel to it. My experience at the local Safeway here is oblivious employees who jabber away with others while ringing in your stuff. Half of them couldn't tell you what the last customer they helped looked like, They say thank you but it is ingenuine. Often they complain about work (to the customer, no less).


I work for Whole Foods and have to say that *I LOVE MY JOB*! And not only that, *I LOVE THE COMPANY I WORK FOR*! It's so wierd, even I can't believe it.

Whole Foods rocks. Yes, some of the food is more expensive than what you'll find in your local supermarket. But it's real food, food you can trust - and a lot of it is grown by local organic farmers. And if you shop the 365 brand, it's usually no more expensive than other store brands. Plus it doesn't contain preservatives or artifical anything or other bad stuff.

I work with foodies! I work with people who are passionate about their lifestyles, their beliefs and their world! I work for a company that not only supports that, but celebrates it! Yeah for me!!

Justo Hernandez

I love Wholefood, but I hate thier attitude. When you complain that the
vegetables are old,wilted and dirty, they say they are organic. The fruit
is too ripe, and the berries often have mold. At least this is my observation at the Los Gatos Store. They have obvious refrigeration problems or hold the produce too long or just get a deal from the wholesaler for buying old goods. Safeways vegetables used to be even worse, now they boutique them and they are a little better but they never
have enough product out and lately have less variety. Lunardes looks like
an exposition at the County Fair. Fantastic. They even have a good size
organic dept. They used to be a great place to pick up ethnic products
but now they have joined the ranks of selling shelf space and it has turned into a w.a.s.p. emporium.
PRICING>>>> I have had horrible problems at Wholefood and constantly had
to review my reciept as the clerks and management have a cavelier attitude
thinking everyone that shops there is rich. I had to go to customer service weekly to have a correction and refund made. They overchage like
you can't believe. Even the shelf sticker price is often incorrect . It
got so bad that I wrote them a letter of which they never responded even though I claimed if they did not I would go to the D.A.office. And guess
what? And so the dept of weights and measures went out there 3 time and each time they purchased a series of items the price was, you got, way off.
They cited them and are working with them. Never the less based on my average errors, I calculated in excess of over a million dollars annually
in thier pocket.
PRICING>>>>>>>Safeway has this Club Card thing, but you better watch out.
I did a price comparison on 12 items I normally buy. Milk, eggs, bread,etc. Ofcourse to be fair they are healty type products, but neverthe
less Safeway was 30% higher the Lunardies and 20% higher than Wholefoods...
the exact same product. I write them a letter......no response.
PRICING>>>>>>>>Lunardies I bring this up to Lunardies and they show me an
article from the Los Altos Times that did simular research and found that
Lunardies was the least expensive place to buy in the County. Goes to show. I grew up thinking Safeway was the only place to buy.....I guess if
you want thier off brand or private lable stuff it's cheaper, but I found
that even with thier Club Card they are most of the time just selling it
for what Lunardies or Wholefood sells it for.

PRICING>>>>>>>So I guess if price is your bag, you need to shop at all
the stores for the best value. I find myself going more often now to
Costantinos as the vegetables are are great as Lunardies and the meat
department is incredible. At Lunardies the don't know the difference between ossobucco and shank. If you don't believe me go ask them for
osso bucco and you'll get shank with hardly any meat at an outrageous
price and with attitude.


Whole Foods has wonderful food dont get me wrong but once you go behind the scenes you learn they are an UGLY company fronted by the whole life whole planet lifestyle. imagine having a pastry shelf fall on you to only be told you have to hurry back to work since you havent been there long enough to take 2 weeks off even though it was their equipment that put you in that situation in the first place. Watch your whole foods store closely especially the ones that are newly opened & see how many of the originals stay. ive watched a store of 300 to now 3 years later there is barely 11. everyone is happy at first & then reality kicks in

Yaring Logan

Am I getting old and weaker? Fourth time out of about twenty buying visits I've left Safeway after buying few full sacks of goods an item never was in my bag when I arrived home. I spent hours looking for these items, as I was charged for them. Searched every location possible before calling the store for help. The last instance was week ago. April 2006, called store. Yes! They found an item matching my description. Come in and pick it up as we have it. What a store. WOW! Notifying me to come in each time for their error to pick up my items.

Safeway brand "Select" is a poor line of food goods, mostly canned goods, some bakery items, if it fits in the marketplace for the homeless crowd or low incomers, I will not say more and let you be the judge.

Safeway deli sandwich. I believe Safeway holds the record for the thinnest slice of tomato ever created. And! They place a piece of lettuce in there someplace that reminds me of a large piece of parsley. GO Safeway Go!! Keep squeezing and squeezing the pennies to the cashflow bottom line. Keep ripping! Let me revise this stores name to something more appropriate "Squeezeway Stores"

Now I understand more clearly the reasons for the success of Costco, Walmart, Wholefoods, etc.

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