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March 29, 2005



It is days like these that make me want to lock the doors (if there were any) and just walk away. Of course I won't. I'll go in, straighten up, figure out how to tell the closing waiter who left early last night, because she had a hot date (with a bottle), that she is close to getting fired if she doesn't do her closing tasks. I mean, come on, she left the busser and the opening waiter to put the dining room back together. She had a table of 10 leave without eating OR PAYING. She hadn't put their bottles of wine in to the computer nor had she voided some things that she had already talked to the kitchen about. The party was difficult and oblivious, it is true. But it was time for them to go to their meeting. By the way if you have 10 people in your party and you have a very important meeting to go to because you are the speaker don't give yourself only an hour to dine, have half the party show up late and not tell the hostess or the waiter you have a time schedule.

Okay so I am blathering but last night was hell. I don't want to feel that much confusion, irritation, fear and lack of time again. And be nice at the same time! Oy!

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