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April 26, 2005



We who work at home and send in copy have the same problems with fractions in recipes (and elsewhere). My copy editor asked me to write out the measurement, i.e., "three-fourths". Would that help?

brian w

We always used MasterCook on the office Macs in our restaurant because it handled the conversions very well, and you could write decimals or fractions and it could understand either. It's not marketed as a "professional" tool but it gets things done and stays out of your way. The data format has turned out to be robust, too--we have files that are ten years old that are still readable in the current version, plus you can always export things as bare text files for safe-keeping.

I'm not surprised you're having trouble with your Micros machines, but I AM surprised that you don't have some kind of service contract that lets you send the machines in. Those things take a beating. We always seemed to have one of our twelve terminals in for service at any given time. Our service place sent out new ones immediately as soon as a problem was reported, so they would cross in the mail and we wouldn't have to be without a terminal for very long.


Never liked MasterCook. It got in my way rather than helped with its lists of ingredients, measurements etc. Plus, when people request recipes I like to send something that looks nicer than what MasterCook exports. Excel works fine for the same purposes but truthfully I don't have to scale up or down that frequently.

As for the Micros we've NEVER had a hardware problem with them. A service contract isn't really applicable for two reasons. One, I bought our entire system at an auction 6 plus years ago for $75, so I've never actually been a customer of Micros'. Two, these are 2700's and they're heavy. I'm not willing to pay the shipping. I'm also not willing to pay for a service contract, even if one were to be offered.

I appreciate the thoughts though.

brian w

Wow, $75, great deal!! I understand where you're coming from :)


I love reading your posts about the restaurant.

I don't have what it takes to be in the kitchen professionally, but I love reading about it... probably more than anything else I read about.

I'm seriously considering the big change to restaurant management so I can at least revel is some of the energy. That, plus it's a way to do something with all that wine knowledge I'm accruing.


I am a big fan of File Maker Pro 7. My recipes look really nice, I only have to enter in the information once, I can put in photos, they are all in one place, and I can easily turn it into a book if I want to down the line. I have so many tiny notebooks of recipes and now I am testing some for Sur La Table = the home cook, so I really need an organized system.

I agree 100% that the uniform changes me. The first time I put on whites I felt like I had come home. I knew that this was what I was meant to do.

Some people can look really sexy in whites. I recently bought jackets that fit me from Cayson Designs in SF and that made a world of difference. {Not to mention how good that Egyptian cotton feels!}
And I like that all genders in kitchens wear the same uniform. It evens us out, I think.



My first instinct is to tell you not to make the change, just because of the money (or lack thereof) but if it's something you have the heart for.... Perhaps you should try a part time gig just to see if the energy you experience is what you expect.


Thanks for the meniton of Filemaker. I downloaded a demo version and will give it a try.

As for evening out the gender, the whites certainly do that. When we opened and actually up until about a year and a half ago the front of the house uniform was white chef coat and black pants. When we changed to black pants and a black pullover shirt, suddenly all the women on the floor had shapes and immediately their tips started going up. Sad commentary on our culture.

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