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February 19, 2005



Bravo for this! I am tired of twee descriptions on menus (see Manka's) and the long descriptions of provenance for each dish. Don't mind knowing about meats and seafood -- that's reassuring -- but don't need to know where every veggie spent its life from seedling upward...This is where the attentive server comes in: he or she can answer questions when you want to know those details...As for the popularity of stretching the boundaries while searching for novelty in foods, it's disturbing to see how often we can no longer t-a-s-t-e the levels and depths of the ingredients. And that's why we desire them, no?...Please keep
up your honest approach, and thanks.


An acquaintance says he'd like to have on the menu Salmon, Beef, Scallops etc. Just the protein, no description. That's going a bit too far but I know what he means.

The other thing about listing sources is it creates an unreasonable demand for a product, be it Copper River Salmon, Niman Beef, Star Route Farms Greens, etc. The products may indeed be good but there are others just as good, some perhaps better that you can find if you look. But most people aren't explorers, they're tourists.

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