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February 20, 2005


Culinary Fool

I just came across your blog today and I'm finding it very interesting - thanks for sharing! :-)

My guess is that part of the reason you are in each other's space is because of all the other issues. If there weren't other issues you'd collide, laugh and move on, not really thinking about it. Your comment about dancing is right on. I took salsa (dance, not food!) lessons last year and I always dance better with those I have a confidence in and therefore more respect for. In salsa, it's very clear who is supposed to lead and I think it's the same in the kitchen. Don't worry too much about being "nice" just lead! (but with respect, as it sounds like you do)

I think it's really the same in any type of job; there's always a grey line where one position ends and another begins. With each new partner you examine strengths and weaknesses on both sides and figure out what is the best relationship and then go from there. If you both have the same goal of making the organization (the dining experience) succesful and go from there, it gets easier.

Okay, I'm steppind down from the soapbox now.... :-) Brenda


I agree Brenda. The main question is in your next to last sentence. Do we have the same goals?

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