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February 23, 2005



Try Thomas Kemper sodas. They're a Washington based soda company that produces the most sublime drinks.(http://www.tksoda.com/)


I've tried them, like them but they're fairly common around here and we're trying to offer something not too many others are carrying, i.e. something you're not going to find at the grocery store.

Yes, Coke is available at the grocer's but that's another reason for trying to replace it.

Thanks for the lead however.


I've been fooling around with a syphon and _agua fresca_ concentrates from the local tienda: 1oz. concentrate, 1oz. sugar and 8-10oz. soda seems to work for me. It's probably better with simple syrup than dry sugar, but I'm lazy, too.


Had Baron's Ginseng Cola tonight. Good. Sweeter than Coke, bubbly and got a good Ginseng buzz.


try barrett's ginger beer (from bermuda), also ting (jamaica,mon) grapefruit soda.


The idea of creating perfect matches for foods(see Severson in NYT) on the menu might mean coming up with new formulae every night, a real challenge. It's damned hard to convert a caffeine-driven Coke addict and there are few even passable substitutes....I like the lighter things myself, like iced jamaica (hibiscus tea) with Mexican foods, a tannic tea like puer yeh with fatty meals, even a cold blackberry shrub with a vinegar base. Seems Coke heads can adjust more easily to flavors that have high acid notes....With burgers? Maybe Henry Weinhard's root beer. Good luck!


PS I forgot two other commercial products:
Vernor's Gingerale (makes you sneeze!) and the original Moxie, from Massachusetts, almost medicinal and strange but -- "curiously refreshing".

Not sure where you are but you might try Henry Weinhards, the have excellently creamy root beer and a cream soda, orange cream and black cherry. At least I think so.

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