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March 10, 2005



I think it has to do with men not passing by the women's door and getting a peek of something forbidden.....


I wasn't exactly fond of them, but the unisex loos in hip Japanese clubs when I first went there made sense: men and women standing in line inside the door, waiting for stalls. And of course, the facilities were always immaculate. The practice of separate bathrooms for men and women is ludicrous, considering the fact that women need/use them twice as often.

I love it! Sounds like your doing a good thing. I always bring the towel to the door handle. You are right. I do often feel like a member of the NBA trying to get a "basket" every time I need to dispose of the paper towel. How simple it would be to just have a place to throw that towel next to the door. Another thing, some places as you say don't have towels, just the driers. How do we get out? I often use the muscles in my first finger and thumb to grab hold of the most ungrabbed ( I think) spot on the handle to escape. Still, I'm still contaminated in two spots.

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