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March 21, 2005



I just had some delicious head cheese from molinari's in north beach this past week-end. There are so many good things one can't find here. As a French guy, I love 'rognons au madere' (some kidney recipe) but only jeanty will have them as a special. Or tongue. Hard to find. I had a delicious lamb brains salad a while back in France. Except for some taqueria, I don't know who would serve brains or tongue. Heck, even snails gross people out here. Sometime you feel like people believe a cow is made only of steak, or a pig of pork chops. Hopefully you can move some of your coppa.


Coming, as I do, from where people eat "everything but the squeal", I'm following your pig story with interest. Italian names for those strange cuts/preparations should do the trick if servers are cool with their definitions and not too graphic. I mean, no snout sandwiches (pronounced "snoot" in Virginia), no chittlins or stewed pig ears. I hope that coastal place can roll with some righteous pork.


It was busy enough for me to jump in to wait tables. Two waiters on. The newer one was training in "the back" (FAR away from the kitchen, lots of walking and more larger tables. My star waiter was up front and overcoming an effing hang over. Fortunately my star busser was on and could seat while I waited. One of my tables had two nice gentlmen. Definitely foodies. One was from the south. They said the menu was very interesting and they had a hard time choosing (I suggested coming a few nights in a row while they are visiting the area). The southern gentleman chose the pork platter with house cured ham, white beans and sage gravy and the coppa di testa with mustard and Arugula. His friend said "oh good beacuse I want to try that". Their plates were completely cleaned. They enjoyed dessert and said they had a lot of fun. That was the only special I sold (out of six tables).


we are extremely fond of coppa in our household. We don'tneed to pair it with anything else


It seems strange to me that coppa would be considered "weird"... the only time I don't like coppa is when the juniper taste is too strong - but then, I don't much care for gin, either.


Coppa di testa is a bit different from coppa the ham. The former is headcheese with a fancy Italian name.

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