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April 11, 2005



Christ that's beautiful!

Scott P

Are you sharing your recipe/technique? Inquring foodies want to know!


heh heh heh
i gots me some
drooling fangs await...


Very Nice...I think it is awesome that salumi is making its way around the US. I cant wait to get home...maybe we can meet up and share recipes!!!




Recipe is pretty simple. Equal parts salt & sugar. 1 oz of this mixture per pound of meat. Rub well into the meat and keep in refrigerator, weighted for 10 or so days. It's best to do it in a colander or other perforated pan to let the liquid run off.

After 10 days, rub with a little red chile flakes, black pepper. Tie and hang in a cool (50 or so degrees) for 3 weeks.

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