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April 15, 2005



I really have got to get me to Delfinia one of these days, then I am planning a visit to your restaurant some time. I just have to work out where it is first.

Btw, some fellow bloggers and I were trying to guess, over dinner a couple of days ago, which 2 x SF bloggers you would be meeting on your trip this time and we guessed 100% correctly.


I love everything I've had at Viks and could drink a gallon of the mango lassi. It is a real treat and at incredible prices!

Sam - I haven't been to Delfina either and it's top on my list of places to go. Maybe I can come up with a special occassion!


Been laughing myself silly over the antics of the drunk adolescent chef and his way-too-many cohorts at Nirvana (albeit a little ruefully, since I have yoots in my family about that age!)

A young friend of mine claims that Vik's must put crack in their food, she is so addicted to it. You've almost persuaded me to drive to the East Bay to try it, something akin to crossing into another country from where I live.

And you're right about the favas: they need that element of dusky funk to be authentic.


if you can believe it I worked at a restaurant (Y'all get one guess) that blanched, peeled, removed the germ, split and brunoised the fava!!! Very different from the Italians I knew long ago who taught me to eat raw artichokes with the first pressed virgin green spicy olive oil, cracked black pepper and dry aged cheese! Bitterness is yummy!
I had the bestest time sitting there with your piratey self, eating a giant puffed fried dough, drinking tea and amazing ourselves by uncovering more and more that we had in common. Even though I had no idea what you looked like, your "real name" or age.
What I have come to find as of late is that if I open my mind, more can fit in it.

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