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April 21, 2005



that's so weird. me too.
i mentioned it in one of my posts the other day and someone noted that maybe we all started eating indian food in the days we were vegetarians.
I do cook indian food with meat though.
But when I eat out I nearly always go veggie.

Scott P

I eat a lot of veg Indian, too. I've always thought that it was because the sauces are so big flavorwise what you serve in it isn't as important as it is in other cuisines.

Maybe Sam's right, too. I didn't eat any red meat for 5 or 6 years and I ate a lot of curry during that time.


Okay, shall we get back to that kitchen? I have written more than one story about how the most wonderful food comes out of the simplest kitchens -- but we all know that. I mean, MFK Fisher's little railroad deal with Sears appliances prove it as do countless other minimalist arrangements.....I am esp. concerned about this subject since I'm trying to sell a house with no granite counters or wine refrigerator or disappearing back-draft for the range (which is a fine four-burner affair). But I maintain that it (is Mark Miller listening?) it d-o-e-s-n't affect the taste of my cooking. And sometimes it's Indian.


You're absolutely right about cooking being what you do with the equipment, not the equipment itself.

Sam & Scott:

I've never been a vegetarian so that account for my preference. However it may be that my two faves on the Indian restaurant menu are aloo gobi and chana masala. When trying a new place I almost invariably get one or the other of these dishes to "rate" the place.

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