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April 02, 2005



Damn! I just finished putting on my make up and now I have to re-do it. I broke down and sobbed reading this. I love this girl. She has come such a long way (and she knows it too). I am incredibly proud of her. I do fear her family will, once again, betray her. But maybe that will get her to move out of the area. Her boyfriend stays here just for her. Can you actually believe that she was afraid to tell me? She didn't want to let us down. She feels bad leaving us but says she just can't fake it with the customers and she doesn't have it in her anymore. Her tip average has been dropping, she hasn't made it on the weekly sales sheet for two weeks now. She says she just wants to be a customer and friend of ours. She said it was hard because she loves us but it feels like the right decision. I am happy for her, sad for us.

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