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April 01, 2005



Why is it taking everyone so long to respond to these questions? Negative: Cox is certainly a dim bulb and on the other end is Meredith, whose neverending literary and cinema pursuits take up more space than her actual food reviews (and who cares with whom she was dining?)...On the other hand I've enjoyed Sara Bir's work in the Sonoma Independent and Paul Reidinger in the Guardian. They seem to love to eat -- and convey some sense of their experiences...People with long memories (a nice way of saying "as old as I am") may recall Jack Shelton's newsletters, lengthy and elegant reviews of local restaurants of all sorts and Harvey Steiman's knowledgeable takes on our food scene...As for our major metro, I have yet to trust a review completely and often disagree seriously with the primo critic...The food writing at the San Jose Mercury News continues to get better and better, always worth checking out.


I think that Alder at Vinography writes some fine restaurant reviews. I take less note of the papers and rely instead on Chowhound and Bloggers.


I agree with finding reputable bloggers. I'm less sold on Chowhound though. It seems like a lot of the people posting haven't read the bit in their FAQ about tossing aside the Zagat safety net.

It's also harder to find a consistent voice on Chowhound. With bloggers you can find a few whose taste you agree and follow them consistently.


hey, thanks for the shout-out!
chowhound is hit or miss. I went to bizou last week because someone on chowhound wrote a beautiful elegy for it (it closed this past Thursday) and I was glad I went. But it's the same as with bloggers: find the posters you agree with.


Yes - agreed. With chowhound - you have to stick with it a while, study it, and get to know which posters you believe you can trust. You quickly get to know the regulars and these are the people whose opinions are more of interest to me.


I so agree about chowhound. It's just unfortunate that *some* people are asked to leave... and it tends to be the most vocal participants who do.

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