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May 03, 2005



Sounds like he was a real character. I needed that today, a reminder to not have any regrets. Sometimes we get so used to our life that we forget to make the changes we told our selves we wanted to make. Thanks for sharing that. Well wishes to the GM's family.


Isn't it interesting how the most interesting "character definitions" somehow relate to food?

"The salty old man", "The pickled old spinster", "The sweet neighbor", "The bitter friend"...

When we hear those words, we know just what they mean--they each create some picture in our minds that I would bet is pretty universal.

Something very primal about that... my condolences to the GMs family, and thanks for sharing such a personal story.


My condolences.

Okay, about the offal. I'll eat most of it. My big regret is that it's so expensive. I grew up in the country. I was around all of it and ate a lot of it (I was just thinking yesterday how sad I was that my mother has passed and I never learned from her how to properly clean calves' testicles.) I love tongue. Tongue tacos. Mmm. I pickle tongue as often as I can find it. But it is hard to find and it's expensive. A cattle buyer I know says it all goes to Japan. Oh well.

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