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May 21, 2005



So, Haddock -- what would that recipe be from Toklas? You musn't leave us hanging. I have a VERY old copy (maybe first edition, haven't looked) of that cookbook which always takes me into a time/place worth exploring. Dare you to tell us!

Dr. Biggles

There ain't nothin' wrong with dropping out of school at 13 to be in a punk rock band at CBGB's. I am in awe.



WAIT A SECOND?!!! I WENT TO music & art TOO!!!! I was just telling some friends about that hill at 135th and Convent!! We have so much in commn it is almost eery.

I played flute but am not a musician.

But I did work for an immensely talented pastry chef who, when asked by Chocolatier magazine where he got his inspiration for his fanciful desserts, he said,

"Drag Shows."



I'm looking for my Toklas copy. It's not the hash cookie one. BTW, I'm reading Kitchen Safari (an African cookbook written by a 60's foreign attache wife) which also has hashish as an ingredient in one of the North African dishes.


Drag shows seem a perfect place for inspiration. Sounds like some of Martin Howard's things. Yeah, the hill at 135th & Convent was one of the banes of my existence. Being a scrawny kid toting a tenor sax from the AA train exit up the hill, terrified someone was going to take it from me at any moment wasn't much fun.

I hestitate to say I actaully went to M&A because during my extremely short time there I spent most of it in either the library (at the urging of most of my academic teachers who told me I'd be bored stiff in the classroom) or at the City College cafeteria a block or so away.

In retrospect I'd probably have been better served by attending Performing Arts but neither regret the past nor wish to shut the door on it...

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