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May 24, 2005



wait a second? What was for DESSERT???


I got lazy. I got an ice cream cake from our local sundae palace. I made a pecan truffle tart and roasted pineapples which is what she said she wanted. I also made the milkshake granita you suggested but in my haste to get her home for the surprise I grabbed the chocolate sorbet instead which melted by the time we were ready to eat it. We really don't have a freezer here, and barely a refrigerator. Since we rarely have food in the house I gave the big fridge to my mom a couple of years ago and we've got a little dorm-sized unit. It's great mostly but we can't hold any frozen stuff.


Glad to see people didn't have to put up with nothing but those no-count Balmoral "dessert" biscuits! Roasted pineapples? Yum!

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