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May 08, 2005



Barbara Tropp, on some level, politicized me as a female chef. She spoke at a fundraiser for an organization she hoped would get off the ground, The WCR, and I had tears running down my cheeks in that darkened room.
I had the extreme pleasure and honor to work with a woman, Jennifer Cox, who was her Sous for many years. Her touch and consideration to food was inspiring.
And it is so fantastic that you read AND own and chef a restaurant! I love love love books and I hope to always make the time for them.


Albany, New York

Every time my husband and I visit SF, we lament the loss of Barbara Tropp. Her fabulous restaurant, China Moon, was always the highlight of any trip to that wonderful city. We often took many colleagues there and we would order every dish on the menu...and our friends (who were newbies to China Moon) were always blown away. We often told Chinese friends (from China) and Chinese Scholars (from Europe) that it was the best Chinese restaurant in all of SF...quite a claim considering the wealth of places in China Town. They were even more blown away when they met this tiny Jewish whirlwind (who always graciously came to our table to enquire if all was well.) Sometimes I dream of her ginger ice cream with bittersweet chocolate sauce...as well as her wonderful appetizer: Buddha Pillows. I have her cookbook - but it's just not the same. Rest in Peace Barbara...and know that you and your talents are truly missed.

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