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May 29, 2005



I wish I were there - those spot prawns sound fantastic.

H. Alexander Talbot

just a thought, if the rub sticks to the grill, rub the meat after its grilled; mix your rub with butter and lather the hunk of meat while it rests, the best of both worlds.


Not a bad way to go but I do like the rub being on the meat for a day or so. It's a pretty wet rub with most of the moisture in the form of ground garlic. However, leave it on for too long and the meat starts to cure.


It may not be a practical thing to do but I say junk the friggin Micros,man.Maybe time to cut your losses with that shite. So many better options, you know?



True enough but considering my initial investment 6 years ago on the Micros was $75 I think we're still well ahead of the game.

Dr. Biggles

Hey, Spot-On Prawns. MmmMMm, prawns.

Sticky grills? Yeah, those rubs can be a bitch to get off. I use a wad of chicken raw chicken fat/skin directly on the grill. From cast iron to cheap ol' chrome grills, it don't stick.

You got a busy job there pal. I couldn't do that.


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