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May 15, 2005



Well, as my grandmama used to say, "Consider the source." Re: the quote you used from MB's review, what did you think of the rest of it?
(And he's not even from New York!)


yeah, you tell em! when I lived in napa there were few places to eat that wasn't really fancee. I liked this one place and got to know the owner a bit. her food was not amazing but she did one thing really well: all her veggies were perfectly cooked so that the integrity of each veggie's soul came out deliciously in your mouth.
Sometimes the pearls are hiding in the last oyster shell you would expect.
Delicious food is always a pilgrimmage as far as I'm concerned!


As a Tri-Stater, I wholeheartedly agree. There IS good food everywhere, and hey, if it takes you a little more effort to seek it out, you'll appreciate it even more.

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