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May 11, 2005



My only experience comes from why I visit restaurants, but advertising is maybe 1 of a hundred reasons, including word of mouth, location - meaning it's where I am at the time or many other 'unplanned' reasons. That said, I myself believe in the power of advertising - although more mass 'cheap' campaigns such as fliers, specials, coupons, phone directory (very under used in my opinion), and mail. I don't believe in radio ads unless you are going to saturate a radio station with your ads for a specified period of time, and t.v. is effective, but expensive. Just my 2 cents.

Dr. Biggles

The Copywriter's Handbook Updated Edition by Robert W. Bly

Tested Advertising Methods - Fifth Edition by John Caples

Ogilvy on Advertising from Vintage books

And there are many more. Some of which you can read for free from your local library. Those are the books we're forced to read here. You seem far to coherent a human to be the wrong guy. Education brother, and you'll be a walking pillar of knowledge.


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