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June 11, 2005



haddock -- We all know one doesn't eat the decor. We both know holes in the wall to which we return because we're nourished and pleased and happy with what we're served. (I remember sitting in Buster Holmes's old corner place in New Orleans and watching a wharf rat run in the front door and across the floow and I didn't miss a beat of tucking into my red beans and rice.)....Your place is unique in its setting and feeling and to hell with them, I say -- and I say good on you for getting the stars to draw people there, with or without obstreperous children and/or people who want big steaks...The halibut sounds especially appealing tonight; wish I could fly right up there.


Yes, I know people don't eat the decor, although I have had the experience of watching someone chew the scenery a time or two.

I try not to dwell on ratings, reviews, rankings, et al. except when they serve the purpose of helping me improve. The unfortunate fact though is many of our potential customers are going to find us through guidebooks or articles.

Where I end up having the hard time is in the comparison. In other words, when I see places here which receive glowing reports they don't deserve, or places which are riding hard on past glory being touted it stings a bit.

Not that we haven't been fortunate in the press department, we have. But I know there are some limitations about our location which make it difficult for some people to see us as a serious restaurant.

Dr. Biggles

Decor? I can help there. I have a really cool plywood wall clock with a picture of John Wayne on it. That should get that 4 star you deserve, The Duke cares.



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