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June 06, 2005



#1. How many hours drive did you say it was?

#2. That food sounds amazing!!
#3. Thank you for letting us have a little peek at the menu and flare...
#4. How come us Lanky (Really now, Haddock, the "S" word is terrible.) folks never get taken seriously as eaters?
#5. Remember that the '90's was the start of all that wacky Cali-fusion-nouveau-fresh-herb food started to hit the airwaves.
#6. Tomatoes, cucumbers, peppers and avocados are fruit.
#7. It's summer now that stonefruit is here and when fruit is at it's peak you can really get away with omitting sugar altogether in some places...it's a little sneaky thing I like to do.


Shuna -- This is very funny because I thought haddock was going to be talking about YOU! This is all because I am not this "skinny litte woman", only a little woman, but I think either of us could have tucked into her dinner.....haddock: I am so impressed with that dessert menu. You are obviously turning with the season. Shuna's right: ripe fruit and berries mean holding back on the sugars, though I tend to want to roll in it all when everything's right off the tree and the vine...Glad you got feedback from someone who mattered that night.......I want to know more about the deconstructed German chocolate dessert.


OK you two. On reflection I could have said a thin, elegant woman just as easily. Our portions are typically pretty large (we are after all in an old mill town) and I wasn't taken aback that she put away so much food on account of her size. Skinny, lanky, roly-poly, tall, small, in-between, it doesn't matter. It was a lot of food for anyone to eat.

We're about 4 hours north of SF (if you know the road it can be done in perhaps as little as 3 hours 15 minutes).

The German chocolate thing is a dense chocolate sorbet sitting on a bittersweet chocolate disc with a macaroon on top. Same flavors, but different take.

When I say our stuff is too sweet I also mean for what our clientele will accept. I tell people this is not my dream restaurant but it is what will work in the space we have and I typically do feel like I can have enough fun to stay interested and passionate. Sometimes I get frustrated at the admittedly self-imposed limitations of our place but ulitmately I'm happy.


Any pecans in that deconstructed German chocolate? I mean, here you are looking for ways to use them and the classic G.c. cake is loaded with them!


The macaroon is dangerous! It is a good thing it is fairly small. It is sooo good. The chocolate sorbet is intense chocolate with a light mouth feel. Don't know how else to describe it. A few times I have passed by the tray with the macaroons and grabbed one and popped it in my mouth. Each time I have just stopped in my tracks and savored the moment and focus on what is in my mouth.


Haddock - awesome sounding dessert menu; a shame you're so FAR AWAY! As far as the bitchiness - don't touch a thing. ;)

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