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June 21, 2005



The whole mindset of being "so full you can't finish your meal" is so foreign to me.

It's almost like people want to pay once but have enough leftovers to have lunch the next day. It's arrogant, rude, and I can't stand people who think that appropriate portions are a "rip-off".

Lemme at 'er.

Dr. Biggles

Yeah, another reason why I don't own/run/cook for a restaurant. I'd end up in jail after pummeling someone whodda said that to me.
One of the nice things about being in the glue business, I can (and am backed by the president) to tell a customer to piss off and not worry about them coming back. Or maybe it's just me that doesn't care and doesn't have anything to do with the business I'm in. Probably the latter.


H. Alexander Talbot

I am also in the "business" and have something to say...

Well, I have been the recipient of several like emails at several restaurants over the years. I know it's not them, it's me. My point is give me a shot to make you happy from the start rather than sulking, heading home and complaining to the McDonalds drive through window guy, trying to persuade him to super size your meal because in some way or another you actually had room to eat more.

In fact, I have recieved such comments from family members; again after the fact. Upon there return I rectified the situation by serving a whole roasted veal shank for one. The point is, if diners want to burst food, I can help them, just let me know, we will make you happy.

Thanks for sharing, I thought it was just me.


Thanks to all for the support and no Mr Talbot, it's not just you.

I agree with you 100%. If someone has a complaint about ANY aspect of my operation, please do me the courtesy of letting me take care of you. DON'T leave disgruntled or unhappy if you haven't tried to resolve your complaint. If it's no big deal, then it's no big deal. Don't complain later to your friends. If there is any way I can make the person happy, I'll usually do it.

I say usually because like Dr. Biggles sometimes I really just don't care. I have very little tolerance for rude, unappreciative, boorish louts. This is why I am the kitchen rather than the dining room. By the time I get involved in a situation, more than likely there is no saving it and I am there solely to provide invective. I have certainly replied to an obnoxious person telling me "We're leaving and I'm going to tell all my friends," please do, if they are anything like you I wish to stay well clear of them.

These are the extreme ugly examples though. Like Mr Talbot said if the couple had wanted to bust a gut, I can lay on the feed. You want your soup hotter, no problem.

We had a lady last night who had a comment about the current lamb dish which features a cherry-gorgonzola popover, a cherry gastrique and whole pitted cherries. The cherries are unheated. I wanted the contrast of the hot, savory, pungent popover, the sweet and sour of the warm sauce and the fresh, cool sweet taste of the cherries. She preferred the cherries to be hot. That's fine, I'm happy to accomodate her. The point is she SAID something, rather than sending an email or letter a week later when we can't do anything about it.

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