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June 15, 2005



Well, haddock, I almost lost my breakfast when reading your rat story. At least the rat at Buster's was moving (quite fast).

Eons ago I suggested to several critics that they use little ear symbols to indicate noise levels at restaurants, like the $$$$ they used to show the prices. Fortunately, several of them did, choosing bells instead. Noise level is still not widely enough described by those who don't have follow-up charts with symbols, and noise is maybe my number one complaint these days.

The dress code story you referred to shows how far we've come from a past when going out was a choice for a special experience rather than a more-than-once-a-week option for many people -- those who no longer cook at home, if they ever did in the first place. Just as I reminded my kids and now my grandkinds of "restaurant manners", I expected them to be clean and at least a bit more put together when eating out. I resent eating in a serious establishment where people show up in gym clothes (no matter how much they paid for them).

I really like your contrast between levels of "casual". Good thinking.


I gotta read this canteen review, now...

...ok, I'm back. Canteen was good. 3 stars for the food may be a bit much, but I still haven't had dinner there. I promised my wife to take her there after we had lunch, but the place won't have an empty seat for month now.


but remember that the old achool Adidas track suit can cost as much as an Armani jacket, and makes LL Cool J look so hot we all may want a bite.

I will never forget the group of us that ate at Bouley right before it closed. the entire dining room stopped eating and talking to watch us be seated. We were ALL dressed up, but so in our own Special ways!

I guess that I want to know that if the owner can, she/he lets me know that details like lighting, color, temperature and noise level of room have been intentionally seen to. And I am a little old fashioned--- white plates only please, and a napkin that works.

ps--save the date Sunday August 14--- will tell you why later! xo


Yikes, now we're doing fashion statements!!

Shuna: you know what I meant: dirty running shoes, stretched tees, baggies. Nothing we would ever see haddock wearing, fer shure.

Just pay attention, I say, and others will, too -- even (maybe especially) at places like Bouley.


Which reminds me of a favorite Southern stab. "My, what a lovely dress. I never tire of seeing you in it."

Indeed dressing up is in the eye of the beholder and has little to do with money.


"Attending to the details while breaking the rules is not"... so really it is actually quite ok if I choose never to comb my hair, entirely on purpose.



In a word yes.

If not combing your hair is how you present yourself to the world. In other words if you take that on as a style (or anti-style if you will). Now I might be more disposed toward you if your not combing of the hair is more of your countrymen Robert Smith's or John "no relation to Shuna that we know of" Lydon's not combing of the hair rather than say, Dave Pirner's not combing of the hair. Besides you've got that pink wig you could stuff the entire rat's nest up should it become neccessary.

What I'm trying to get at with this thread is for every category of criticism of a restaurant, we've got one for the customers. But I don't want this to be one of those "us against them" kind of blogs.

In other words, I get "critiqued" and rated by certain criteria, some of which relate to our decor, table settings, floral arrangements, musical choice, etc. While I understand the reasons for it, like if you and Fred are looking for a night of romance, the harsh lighting of Shalimar on Jones St might not be for you. This however doesn't mean in and of itself that Shalimar is somehow lesser becasue it doesn't spend on the decor.

To use the combing of the hair analogy, my place settings don't match. This is by design and is part of our appeal. If our place settings didn't match and there were filth and crud clinging to the flatware that would be a no-no.

Opinions on style are always a slippery slope. One persons average is another's exceptional. My own fashion rules are quite ridiculous. For instance I believe shorts are what you wear under your trousers (I almost said pants but... well you know why I said trousers) and you will NEVER see me in a short sleeve shirt (although it is personally permissible to roll up my sleeves and a shirt with no sleeves is somehow ok as well) and I haven't worn a sneaker (other than for yard work) for over 25 years. I do however dress like a maniac, to the point that the GM was convinced we would never be allowed into Aqua on our first restaurant date so many years ago.

I'm all for anyone dressing how they feel. I WOULD like to see people put a little more effort, a little more fun and a little more vitality into their self-presentation.


Haddock. You and Fred and I are going to get along just pefectly. Not matching place settings by design fits exactly in my own world view. You and Fred can waste at least half an hour discussing people who wear shorts into restaurants. I think our styles will be polar opposites but at least we all have style. Just big fans of the touseled messy hair club, that's all. - still on for Sunday? I have been working like crazy and haven't come up with a venue. Probably have to work the w/e, but insist not on Sunday evening. I think I saw something on chowhound that mentioned a special sunday meal at a place called sultan but i haven't been able to investigate further yet. there is also a place on 3rd or 4th st Shah??? that I've heard good things about but not sure if open on sunday. will look into it

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