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June 20, 2005



Smoked pork osso bucco? Not bad. How about petit jambon? I remember when a friend returned from Spain and told me about ordering from the English menu in some spot in Seville where a translation for pigs' trotters was "little pork fists".

I can attest to the competence of your staff; it has been obvious each time I've visited -- and I can't say the same for the spotty performance at other Mendocino places, upscale and down.

My Guadalupe candle will burn tonight for an intention of good wishes for the new Mexican
restaurant there. They must be very brave!

Matthew D. Broder

I hate to admit this but I was listen to the John Tesh radio show recently and there was a story that applies here. I don't remember all the details but there was a study done by a university about what makes a great service experience. I won't bore you with details but it is basically 3 things. They are all SO SIMPLE!

2. Tell your guests you name
3. Talk about the weather

When the server practiced just one of these three, the tip amount jumped an average of 20%.

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