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July 18, 2005


The Food Whore

We've got stalls.

But the toilets overflow pretty much on a consistent basis. Which is so nice for business, no?

I am really not sure which is the lesser of two evils.

The Landlord has been putting bandaids on the plumbing for the entire building. He says it's just too costly.

He says this, of course, from his vacation home on Maui.

Or, wait. Was it the vacation home in Vail?

Hard to keep track with all the mopping.

Dr. Biggles

Heh, that's funny, sort of. Then it's creepy cause it is for reals.
Dine together, poop together!
"Daddy, why is your face so red?"
HAHHAAHHAHHHAhhah, I kill me.
Ya know, you could have fun with it. Put up a card table and lay out some checkers for people to play while they're on the can. Or one of those Japanese tri-fold screen rigs with a load of plastic palms. Then have some environment sounds going, such as the pounding surf or crickets. Or maybe some white cloth tents and make it an African Safari theme. Give people rifles and they can target practice while "contemplating" the day.



For my money the no stall issue is worse than overflow. Mind you, ours overflow as well and cleaning it up is not fun.

But, when confronted with the overflow the customer, while grossed out, doesn't perceive it as a design element of the restaurant. When they walk in and see two toilets with no stalls they can only conclude the owner of the restaurant is some sort of pervert.


Your post reminded me of a dear friend. A while back we lived in a shack with an outhouse. The outhouse had no door (wait I see a bathroom theme here) and we lived of course in the woods. He was convinced it would make an excellent hunting stand and often remarked he was going to get his gun.


Neurotic, much?? (Landlord-guy, that is).

Shame you're not in some uber-industrial space. Some plywood, metal rivets, steel cable, and you'd have one bitchin' stall.

Or you could turn that one little bitty one into a bidet... now wouldn't THAT be a delightful surprise to the clientele?


Hehe, seeing that picture makes me nostalgic for my college days - our fraternity had similar bathrooms, except our toilets were closer together and had urinals on either side. And yes, people used them simultaneously (even girls, occasionally). Next time one of my brothers is in town I'll have to take them to your restaurant.

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