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July 29, 2005



For burgers, you might consider Zuni Cafe at lunch or late-night. It's the 'thick' kind of burger, and I can't point to exactly what makes me like it so much, but it's my choice on many occasions there. Also, the service has been uniformly superb over the years, even when I was a clueless 20-year-old.

If you're ever in Boston (well, Cambridge), Mr. & Mrs. Bartley's Burger Cottage is the way to go. Of course, that's a bit out of the way for you...


Hey, shoot an email next time you come down. The best burger: rosamunde on Tuesdays (lunch only), haight @ fillmore. It's right by my house, I'll be happy to join.


Burgers? I can recommend two places in Marin: Phyllis's on "the Miracle Mile" between San Rafael and San Anselmo, a genuine drive-in style place, and Pearl's in Mill Valley, a small place where they take your order seriously and will do it any way you like -- including thin and well done! At neither place will you be offered mashed potatoes. Feh!


We've tried Zuni, and it's good but the bun was a baguette, which is not a burger bun, and to me that's an essential hamburger element. Plus, there are much better things to eat at Zuni so I feel bad about getting a hamburger and passing up other items.

I heard about burgers at Rosamunde. Perhaps a burger at a sausage place will be the one.

Or maybe it will be Pearl's. I think this may be one of those things where the quest is what's important, not really the discovery. A holy grail of ground beef if you will.


Pearl's is a neighborly place. I have been there sitting near local cops when they were got a call -- the guys behind the counter wrapped their lunches in foil to keep them warm till they came back.

You have your choice of bread: regular soft buns (I insist) or sourdough bread (I object). The smaller burger is called Mini Pearl.

Besides, it is across the street from Village Music, a fabulous mecca for vintage and vinyl and just hanging out chatting with John Goddard, the owner, who is one very knowledgeable dude.

Two more reasons I don't want to leave Mill Valley, haddock.


I like pearls burgers - the mini ones are so cute.

I was going to recommend chez maman but they use ciabatta, so doesn't sound like you would like them.They are Fred's favourite.

I like Luka's Tap Room in Oakland too but they are pretty juicy, so probably not the GM's style.


Sam, I think you're right. Haddock would love the burger at Luka's, but I don't think that the GM would much care for them.

Still, I think you guys would like it. I'll echo Ced's sentiment -- give a buzz when you're coming down and we'll take you to Luka's!


Juicy as in bloody or greasy? I'm all about the juicy greasy!! Just not bloody.


Sociale, the itty-bitty Italian restaurant on Sacramento Street in SF, makes a great burger - juicy, flavorful, lick-your-fingers yummy. You can get it with smoked mozzarella, which is sublime.

Do you have any restaurant recommendations in the zone past San Rafael but before Santa Rosa, Haddock? I just moved from San Francisco to Novato, and am finding very slim pickin's...


My Wife and I went to the Red Lobster in Citrus Heights, CA for our third Anniversary. We were greeted at the Host Podium by a woman named Melissa. The hostess showed us to a booth that was in-between the kitchen entrance and a large dinner party. I am currently on temporary disability due to my knee injury and I am using crutches. My wife and I asked the hostess (Melissa) if we could be seated in a quieter place in the restaurant and one that was less hazardous for my knee. The hostess (Melissa) informed us that the booth she offered was the only seats we were allowed to sit at. My wife and I noticed half the restaurant was empty, and I pointed to another table that was less intrusive, but Melissa had declined our request. So we took the only seats available for us despite the discrimination that we received. We sat for about 5-10 minutes and no server of any sort had approached us for any customer service. So my wife and I decided to celebrate our Anniversary elsewhere due to the discrimination and disrespect at the Red Lobster in Citrus Heights in California.

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