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July 01, 2005


Dr. Biggles

AHHAHAHH, that's funny. There's always next time mang. Sounds as though you really had a nice visit, that's good. AND you got away before the 4th, smart move. We aren't going anywhere. I have two really nice pork loins I'm going to stuff, then smoke. MmMMMmMM.



Dearest Haddock and GM. Thank you the kindest words. You have some new fans down in San Francisco, for sure. Fred loves you and he isn't the easiest guy to please as you might guess from those 'facial expressions' you encountered. Hopefully we can make it up your way sometime in the fall or winter.
BTW - you didn't keep us up too late - lucky we started so early - the 3 hours in your company just slipped by so easily and quickly.


H & GM -

I will second Sam's email. It was lovely evening, and the dogs were only slightly upset at being fed late. Good thing we spoil them silly!

As we walked to our car, C (who, like Fred, doesn't "like" all that many people) proclaimed, "What lovely people!"

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