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August 18, 2005


Culinary Fool

Thanks for playing, Haddock! I knew you'd have some interesting memories - although they might not be what I would have guessed! :-)

I think the original version of the chicken candies was called Chicken Bones! They were one of my Dad's favorites and I can still remember buying them from the candy counter at local department stores. And Jordan Almonds, too.

~ B


You're right. They were called Chicken Bones. And Jordan Almonds are still my favorite movie theater food.

BTW- what sort of memories did you imagine I'd have?


Okay, Jordan almond time: Were you two suckers or crackers? I mean, did you make them last forever by slowly sucking the sugar coating off the almond, or did you get right down to it and bite them into bits??

And did either of you ever live close enough to an Italian Catholic parish so you could stand outside when the bride and groom exited and everyone threw little net bags of Jordan almonds instead of rice? My kids used to score them when they visited their grandparents in Massachusetts during wedding season.

Culinary Fool

Haddock: I didn't really have anything particular in mind but if you had pressed me to guess, neither Chicken Bones or Tiger bars would have come to mind! :-)

Kudzu: I'm a cracker. No doubt about it. I am with most things but with the Jordan Almonds I especially love the combination of the sweet outside and the nutty inside. It wouldn't work if I sucked the coating off!

I am actually part of a large and extended Catholic family and yes Jordan Almonds were often part of weddings, too. But we never threw them! Well, at least you weren't supposed to - those were the little take away gifts! Rice was more commonly thrown and then was replaced with bird seed whenever it was that churches got tired of cleaning up melted rice off the sidewalks.

~ B


Haddock,this was a fascinating peek into your rock-and-roll-hillbilly-whole-wheat past... who knew? I'm still trying to figure out how a kid who wasn't allowed white flour WAS permitted contact with Funny Faces drink mix.


Well, these memories are from different periods in childhood and while I wasn't forbidden white flour those in charge of the bread box weren't using it in making the bread.

On the Funny Faces I can't say for certain that I remember ever having it, just seeing the ads. We didn't have a televisoon most of my childhood but visits to grandma's were filled with cartoon watching, pecan cracking marathons.


Just remembered the name of the restaurant on 17th & 10th. The Boondocks

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