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August 29, 2005



haddock --

What a wide-ranging blog this morning!

Pig news is good news.

When I met MFK Fisher Charmoon was, indeed, someone who helped her out as her health declined. I would love to hear his stories, too.

Sorry the only Edna Lewis book I loaned you is the least of her works. It's done with the owner of that inn celebrated throughout; many of the recipes are from others. If you don't have them (and you should, as should everyone), try to find her earlier books: The Taste of Country Cooking and In Pursuit of Flavor. The one you have is the only one I would let out of my sight.

Have fun with the Dolls. The Dolls! Who knew??


Oh, I can't WAIT to see the piggy pictures. Yurm!!

In Anaheim, you might as well eat Persian, b/c they have more really good Persian restaurants than we have mediocre ones.

If you can make it to Orange, Darya is a favorite of mine.

In Anaheim proper, there's Hatam which is supposed to be good.

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