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September 08, 2005


Dr. Biggles

I think "just cooking" disapeared by the time we hit 30. After that? It's been all uphill.

Country Style Pate, A for effort.



Your Montague is very handsome and I imagine it will not (like its predecessor) spit fire at the backside of a visiting chef or have to be closed with a clamp. Good on ya, haddock!

The music scene sounds so great, bottled water or no. It's always important to return to those beginnings and see where/how we have all gone. Your mother must be some kind of wonderful lady.

"Country pate" should work. All the server has to say is that it's made from pork (hold the comments on heads and other scary parts).
Wish I had some rightthisveryminute!!


was the kid tips what you were looking for?


So glad you tried Darya... we'll have to "do Persian" locally when you guys are here next to see how it compared.


Montagues are the best! They're especially great for us south paws. I'll have to visit your restaurant, because I'll eat any part of the pork you serve me. You know, the snout is good braised all by itself. Just have to think of some creative way to sell that one!

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