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September 23, 2005



That was so fantastically in-depth! I did stumble at blackberry agua fresca though, since the idea of it makes my head swim.


Ketchup on an egg sammie? Feh! The only thing worse I read this week was a local writer's description of what she called a Southern breakfast, which was sausage gravy served over scrambled eggs, something that would have got her kicked out of my grandmother's kitchen for making a mess.

I am sure all of your observations and comments are spot on and they make me feel less sorry for myself because I haven't yet explored the Portland food experience.

Sounds like attitude of one sort or another is rife there. Could it be the climate? I suggest installing wonderful full-spectrum lighting in those places to see what happens to the prevailing moods.

I'm still trying to imagine you as a shy person; eat some Powdermilk Biscuits, haddock!



Actually most people we encountered were amazingly friendly and helpful. There are sections with attitude, it's true. But Portland is evidently one of the few areas of that size which sees an influx of 25-34 year olds, and some attitude comes with that territory.


I have to say I am pretty shocked at the service you experienced at Gotham. In spite of my real problems with their politics, I have never found a problem with any part of their restaurants with the exception of an occasional average dish. The last few dinners I had there left me very impressed. Now I'm going to have to drop everything and eat breakfast and dinner there in the next few days just to see what is going on. Damn you!

I can take no blame for the breakfast sandwich. I love it runny, with the castsup.

Burgerville. Hmmm. I do like their politics. Next time we do need to meet.


What political problems do you have with the Hebberoys ? I'm not aware of their politics.

No blame cast anywhere for the egg sandwich. I love it runny, with mustard. In fact the GM and I ate one this morning. She likes hers with mayo. I also realized that while I liked the bun at Gotham I didn't necessarily like it for the egg sandwich. I make mine by toasting the bread in a saute pan with a little oil and butter and I like the crunchy aspect playing off the runny yolk.


So interesting. I've now been to Gotham for breakfast twice this week and had superb service both times. I did have one thought: since you came in and took a picture, maybe they thought you were me! No, that can't be true or the chef would have come out with a boning knife. Either way, I noticed the Hebberoys were they both times.

Re: politics. Entertaining reading. Brace yourself;)


I still don't see much reference to politics, revolution notwithstanding. I do see a lot of people getting upset that a couple of kids are getting a lot of press. In every community there are people who make interesting copy. Other people get upset that the press doesn't find them, or their favorite equally interesting.

I don't get it. So they're pretentious. Big deal. Once you really get down to it the whole idea of charging money to cook someone else dinner is pretentious.

If the food and service are good, who cares? Believe me I'd rather see a Frail Wanderer essay on my table than a table-tent advertising some crappy beer or drink special.


And BTW they couldn't have noticed we took a picture because that would mean they noticed they had a customer!

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