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September 18, 2005



One thing about citysearch, in Portland anyway, is businesses tend to write their own positive reviews, and seed competitors with bad reviews. I never trust them unless the reviewer has written multiple entries for other places.

Navarre has actually partnered with Pix and they have a seperate tapas type place now. I haven't tried it yet. Another fun thing is the Pix dim sum - think a big space with dessert carts prowling the isles.

Nice review!


Good god, how crappy is that? Writing your own positives, OK I've done that myself, but to put negatives about your competitors? Yuck. Unless they deserve it of course.

Dr. Biggles

Some day I would like to be able to leave the Bay Area and see what it's like over those hills.

I'm hungry.




What great descriptions! I could close my eyes and be there right now. And I am so very glad that you met the Portland Food Dude! In fact I read his comment and thought it read, "think a big space with dessert cats prowling the isles."
tee hee.
and hey, thanks for enlightening my readers about the origins of Sahagun. I twirl your moustache.


Well I didn't exactly meet the Portland Food Dude as you will read later.

As for enlightening your readers, I said that was my guess. You give me credit for too much erudition.


Read your post with great interest, Haddock. I grew up in Portland, and frequently visit my family there, but our meals are mostly taken at home. I shall have to plan some nights out the next time I travel north! I agree with you about the pricing - 14 plates for $62?! That's an incredible deal. You might also know that registering a car in Oregon costs $40 for 2 years, regardless of what kind of car you have. If only it didn't rain so much...

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