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September 29, 2005



Holly Shit...that's as hardcore as I have 'seen' in a few months.

Killer job and awesome story. Oh how I miss playing with Pig!!

It sucks to hear that head cheese aka cicciolata (for me) doesn't sell well...so tasty!

Make any Culatello yet?


Good stuff. Thanks for posting this one with pictures; books on meat curing and sausage-making tend to wimp out early on.

I've got to say, I'm really curious now about making the headcheese. I hope you have the time to document that too.


I have eaten many parts of a pig, and last November, had my first encounter with head cheese. It was the only part of a pig I haven't enjoyed, which surprised me. It was just too gamey and off-tasting. I assume the chefs were qualified, since everyone else at the table was rapturous.

So no clue where you'll be serving this pig, eh? Rats.

Good work; I like your blog.


Yeah, that is pretty hardcore.

Too bad about the offal. I got to enjoy the whole hog dinner at Oliveto a couple years back; we were big party so we ordered literally everything on the menu, and the tripe w/ gnocchi and the grilled heart were a two of the best dishes. In fact, with the exception of the brains, which were very difficult to swallow, and the pig ear, which should be eaten only by dogs, it was all good.

I also worked at a joint where the chef did a pig -- most of the muscle meat went to an off-site event, and all the other stuff, including a great headcheese, came to the restaurant. Needless to say, the headcheese, even with Arugula and Lobster sitting on it, went nowhere and ended up in all kinds of staff meals.

Oh one more pig memory you plumbed up -- I remember eating at 5th floor a few years back and George Marrone was gleefully asking everybody at our table if we could guess the secret ingredient in the sauce that came on his grilled salmon. Yep. Pig's blood.


Cool stuff, haddock! That is an amazing post. Will be back tomorrow for the recipes...

Dr. Biggles

That was pretty flippin' cool of you to lay this down.
A 350 pound pig ?!?! That must have been something to carve up, suppose having a walk-in comes in pretty handy for you butchering types.


I'm educated now. That was incredible, and I admire your skills.

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