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September 10, 2005



Hey... who's calling who a ham!


I mean, I want ham for breakfast. No ham-calling here.


It's been a long time since I was last up there, but I've always been very fond of the Old Town Pizza Company. Good food, open late.



I know you're not the sweeter of the two, but I hope to hear from you about PIX. Shuna's blog made it sound almost other-worldly.....Happy trails, you two!.......We had a bit of mist here yesterday and it made me realize how much I need some cool moist air -- and you may even get rain......Meanwhile I'll think of pig. May have to fit a trip to MB into October sometime. (Cracklins??)


pig pig pig pig pig! photos, cracklins, bacon, guianciale, trotters. Bring it ON!

Dr. Biggles

I know you're probably not, but if you did have a bumper sticker on your car, "I love ham, so much !!!" Would be a good one to start with.


Higgins is a great restaurant. You should definitely make a stop there. A few other places to check out: Fife, Park Kitchen, clarklewis, Wildwood, Caprial's. Kathy Whim is opening a new place but I don't think it's open yet. If you want to talk to another pig lover, check out Three Square Grill. David Barber raises his pigs at Juniper Grove Farms (a great goat cheesemaker). He makes, ribs, ham, bacon you name it.


Hope to see you when you get up here! Have a great drive.


I'm weighing in a little late here, but try to make it to Ken's Artisan Bakery and, if you like tea, one of the Tao of Tea locations. This should be a beautiful time of year to visit Portland. Happy travels!

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