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October 18, 2005



You are AMAZING, Haddock. I can hardly carve two eyes and a decent grin. But look at these! Such an artiste. I'm inspired to pick up a pumpkin at the market this week...


That is freaking awesome.

Dr. Biggles

Goldangit. Is there anything you can't do? I was going to make a list of things Haddock cannot do and competition pumpkin carving was about #3 on the list. SCRATCH that one. Feh.
I'm watching you pal.



Good God, man -- you're incredible! What a great way to reconnect after my (unwilling) disconnect from the world of blogs. I thought it was enough to put a plain old punkin outside my new gate. This was a nice welcome back to your world up there.


wow! speechless.



Hey, thanks again for an incredible meal. You are head and shoulders above your peers. After another look at the pumpkins, strike that. You have no peers!


forget about pigs and sausage, I want to know HOW YOU MAKE THIS? Please please please document...

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