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November 22, 2005



The people who left because we didn't have XX had also ordered drinks. Their waitor was walking to the table with them on a tray when they fled. Didn't even pay for the drinks and left no tip. Not even a thank you.


What's going on up there? Is it something in the water?

From what you wrote I am assuming these were locals.

Could that app possibly have the initials "c.c."?

I know you will be glad to get out of there for your November r&r.


Your customers are rude!

I thought you were making XX but replaced the missing ingredients with some other YY??? I did see a variation of XX in that article in the ZZ, I believe.

I had one more comment regarding the other thread, but it is not related to the rude customers, it is more related to dealing with kids. So I can put it here as well. Someone suggested to feed the kid before: that would not work with ours, he would be bored to death sitting on a high chair for 90 mn. You might be able to get 10mn of entertainment out of a book or crayons. But you'll get hell the other 80mn. When we go out, we make sure his food is paced along with ours.


ced & kudzu:

You're both right, at least partially. We do have rude customers (and many, many nice ones), these weren't locals and yes you both are on the money identifying the app, although ced the prep for the two is relatively different, with a different sauce and salad.

Thanks also for all your pointers about the child-encumbered diner. The more information we have the better.

And yes, I am ready for a few days of being a customer.


I'm living proof that optimists and cynics are of the same species. Having grown up pulling c's out of Chesapeake bay and eating cc's made of 90% c, I know that every restaurant cc I try will be a disappointment, yet I keep ordering them just the same waiting for one that will take me waaay back.

I will have to get to your place during the proper season.

Dr. Biggles

Just lie. Tell them, "Oh my no, you surely meant this. This is the app you're looking for right here. This is the one everyone is talking about."
That doesn't make any sense to me. I thought good food was good food, silly me. Clearly it's only one dish.



to be the devil's advocate: sometimes you just have a craving, a hankering.

and another side of the coin: the restaurant that continues to make YOUR signature dish AFTER you have discontinued working there. That's fun too.

At The French Laundry Thomas used to address this issue fairly often. He would remind us that, although we were bored of making the same thing over and over, the customer eating it tonight was not. This is advice that i carry with me for many other things as well.


I can understand a hankering or craving, I can also identify with Thomas Keller's comments.

That's not the issue. The issue for me is people walking out of a restaurant after they've taken a table, ordered drinks simply because we don't have an item on our current menu they've heard about.

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