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December 30, 2005



Go on, honee. Get it out of your system. You rant beautifully and your menu changes sound delic!!


I admit that some of those cakes were not the greatest, but when yours won it was because they're fabulous -- so stop putting yourself down.

The New Year's menu is terrific. I am jealous of those who will be enjoying it. Glad to see the black eyed peas for luck!


That's what I told him, Kudzu. Thanks for affirming what I said. He tends to overlook what I say until someone else says it too.


Alright you two, cut it out. Yes, I can lighten up on the self deprecation but as I replied this morning to the GM it wasn't as though I were the winner in a very close race.

And jsp I listen to you all the time, far more than you think.

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