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December 07, 2005



Oh, Holy Night! That holiday dessert sounds wonderful. Didn't know about Doug fir as an herbal until a glass of sparkling wine with a sprig appeared in a restaurant not far from yours. I think it was worth a two-year wait to pull this one together, haddock. Well done.


That sounds marvelous, and I applaud the douglas fir gelato. I had douglas fir sorbet on a recent visit to the Herbfarm (god, i say that like i go there a lot, don't i? this was only the second time) and it was downright ethereal. I've been eyeing my trees ever since.

H.Alexander Talbot

If you do not mind, what is your source for the douglas fir essence? I think we could really have fun with it.


For this batch I used essence from http://www.libertynatural.com/ but next time I may just use a branch. There are, despite a few company's efforts at eradication, still quite a few near me.


Alex, you have essence of douglas fir right outside your door! The Herbfarm steeps fresh fir tips in a sugar syrup (recipe here http://www.uniqueinns.com/innlight/cuisine_woodinville_wa.html). I asked if it made any real difference whether it was little spring tips and was told they were better, but I had it in November and it was damned good.


I love your blog.

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