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December 09, 2005



I'll still love you - whatever the outcome of the awards. I don't think they should be taken so seriously. Some people pimp themselves to a level that's embarassing to watch (how can you compete with that if you are as cool as a cucmber?)

I told David he'd been nominated when I met him the other evening. He didn't even have the first idea that he had been nominated or that the awards even existed.

So it's not really his doing, nor the organisers doing. It's the public's voice speaking. There are many people who appear to have been nominated in unsuitable categories all over the awards and I think the judges are aware that they need to address this issue when they whittle it down to the final five.

There are several blogs I love that fit into this Chef category and it will be a very hard decision to pick just one. For me - just to be nominated in one category, by one person i don't know is reward enough to know that somewhere in the world I am appreciated.

I think you should feel appreciated too, because you are.

I will look into entering the competition and see how hard I find it to be. I put my bets on Ced winning.

sam x


Sam- Don't worry. I'm not losing sleep over my lack of standing in the food blogging world, nor do I feel unappreciated, I'm just glad to have a forum to vent occasionally, which has allowed me to meet some terrific people.

I was mostly going with the idea that the word chef has come to mean something far removed from its original meaning. Which is funny because if you want to follow a strict interpretation you come up with Julia Child being a non-chef and Alice Waters being one. Nothing against Ms Waters but I think Mrs Child had her beat hands down in the knowledge and technique department. In fact, I'd be hard pressed to think that Ms Waters has done much cooking outside the pages of a magazine for many, many years. But she is the (nominal) head of a battalion of cooks and as such, a chef.


I interviewed Waters several years ago and found her quite modest about her status. "I can cook," she said, "but I'm not a chef's chef."
But yeah, the whole "chef" thing has become so out-of-control nowadays. The home cook can buy "chefs' clothing" online, fergodsake.
Off topic: Bonus points to Haddock for spelling "poring" correctly.



Haddock: touch base when you're in the city.

Sam: thanks, but I don't think I am pop-culture-aware enough for this contest. Your contest: I knew the answer to the first question --the ramp!-- so I was hooked from that point on.

Dr. Biggles

I'm a lab rat, cause I own and run Meathenge Labs, it's mine.

Dangit Cookie, you and your words. Thanks though, now I know that I can pour beer over my keyboard while I'm poring through the site looking for refrences to music or something.



The post was meant seriously. I love the blog. The only criticism I have is that it is so incisive and well written, it keeps my feet firmly embedded on the ground and stops me contemplating scarpering from a desk job into the kitchen. Something for which those around me, who rely on my regular income and steady job, are eternally grateful.

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