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December 26, 2005



What a wonderful Christmas story. I am soooo pleased that I contributed to your sleeping in heavenly peace.

Makes me realize how much all of us touch others' lives in so many different ways. A good thing to remember as we head into a new year.

Happy Boxing Day, haddock and GM!!


What a nice web we're in, eh Haddock and Kudzu?
Haddock, it's such a crack-up (and so typical of chefs, I gather) that you seldom have food at your house. Glad to hear you were able to have a gentle evening. Well, notwithstanding the sourdough starter. (Don't sleep with yours. You seen "Brokeback"? You have any idea what might happen?)
Kudzu, start your damn blog already! You can be anonymous. The pay's not very good, so keep your day job. :)

Dr. Biggles

Happy Merry!

Ate well here, too well.


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