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December 21, 2005



Yo, happy birthday!
Lunch with kudzu: Good!
Poggio: OK, fun, nice.
"Bugs Bunny goes to the supper club decor of Cypress Club": Bink!
Happy staff party. Wanna hear what you think up for the Meyer lemons.


Happy Birthday!! Sounds like you celebrated in style. One of these times, I'll find a way to meet up with you and the GM when you're in the city.

I'm a Meyer Lemon addict. Made a maple-syrup-Meyer-lemon glaze for some game hens last weekend - the color was deep golden brown, and it tasted fab. Will eagerly wait to read what you're doing with them...


Happy brithday to you and the blog. I'm late coming to it, but what I've read so far is good stuff, a valuable contribution to this odd cyberspace conversation on food.

Sal Towse

Happy bday.

What? None of SH's carrot broth?

Someday, perhaps before winter wends into spring, we'll make the excursion up to your neck of the woods. We can walk down to dinner at Scott Howard. You're a bit farther away.


Happy birthday (and holidays) to you. Thanks for your great blog.


hippo birdy two ewes!

I'm so very glad you and your blog were born.

that SH place looked very confusing in its interior. like they ran out of money or inclination to change what they had begun to.

I did like his food at Fork, although the desserts sucked...

But listen to me--- will you really be serving Venison? let me know and I will try and make it up there!



Thanks for all the nice words. The Meyer lemon decision was pretty boring, a Meyer lemon meringue tart with blood orange sorbet. I'll have some other things as the winter progresses.

Yes, venison. I'm thinking with Jerusalem artichokes, baby carrots and green peppercorn sauce. And I'm deciding between short ribs or pork shoulder confit for the braised item on the early winter menu. I better decide soon since I'm trying to do the menu change today.

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