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January 06, 2006


H.Alexander Talbot

I can relate to the steak. When we were in Maine, a long time ago, we served a broken down ribeye in two parts, cap and eye. Well a diner insisted we were serving filet mignon. At which point, I went to the walk in, pulled out a whole dry aged ribeye and placed it on a large white platter. I then brought the ribeye into the dining room to show the diner a thing or two. Well, I do not know my solution was the best, but it sure brought a smile to my face.


found ur blog via the food blog award, went thru ur blog and decided to vote for ya as u have asked for - chuckle. Keep it up. Kewl blog.

Abt the steak, its the same everywhere even in the restaurant i work for.


I did so love the ribeye, though. I felt a little pang when I noticed it was off the menu.

Also, I think diners are intimidated by the word "tatin." To me it sounds vaguely like the sort of thing you might find in a back alley in Amsterdam, along with morel jus. Although it sounds like the bomb, as in, fucking delicious. That description was total food porn.


Well, now I will no longer have to play coy about knowing you have a blog. Which is insanely well-written BTW.

Tart tatin in its original form is a classic French dessert made with caramel, apples and puff pastry. As is nearly always the case when we try to do a play on a classic dish, whether regional American, or regional French, we rarely sell any. In the European case often our customers aren't familiar enough with the dish to "get it". In the American case, they don't "get" a revamped S'mores because they haven't moved beyond the original.

Jeez, with more people discovering this it's getting pretty hard to remain anonymous.

Thanks for all the kind words, and for your continued patronage.

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