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January 12, 2006



Whooooooooo -- watch out! Although I'm not (the least bit) Catholic I am lighting my Lupe candle in my kitchen and getting out the Juju stick my daughter bought for me in New Orleans. If I had a buckeye or a rabbit's foot I would send them to you but things get lost in moving.

All kidding aside, you'll be fine. Seems you had your crazies earlier this month, anyway.

Wait a minute! Is that why I am having crazy and crazier dreams this week? And why drivers seem more suicidal than ever on 101?


Oh, man, anyone who has ever worked in a restaurant knows that the full moon brings out the nutcases, or at least frisky energy.

Ask me: I worked in TGI Friday's for years, starting in the early Eighties. Sometimes you just have to remind each other, "Oh yeah. Full moon." And roll your eyes, and then go home with someone else on the staff. Whoops, did I say that out loud?

Good to know, too, the names of the full moons (from the Farmers Almanac). Tomorrow is the Full Wolf Moon, according to the tribal lore on this continent.

Apparently you can't comment with HTML here, but here is a link to the Full Moon names.


screw u

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