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February 10, 2006



Wow. This is such a complicated topic, is it not? I think of the consumer (often myself) standing at the seafood counter of her local market, trying to make sense of it all. What to buy? How to make the right choice? It is oftentimes dizzying. I want to make the best choice, but that is often a whole lot trickier than it seems.

The MSC was created with Unilever? Oh... no... I'm willing to pay more for the good stuff, but I do so with the express intention that money to go to the fishermen, or the farmers,or the laborers... NOT into the pockets of some Big Company CEO.

What to do?



Thanks for the thoughtful report.

When I finished reading it I thought of a story I just wrote that included a self-sustaining community in the early 1900's, when everyone farmed, fished, hunted, and foraged. I don't pretend that we can do this -- as I sit here at a computer! -- but it's a lovely fantasy when I find out the big bad businesses behind what we self-righteously purchase.

What's a mother to do?

shuna fish lydon

Oh the fishes. I feel for them. And then I get really overwhelmed. But on some other level I feel like the seas has been here longer than all of us and there will be a way that it will go on for all our nastiness. Meaning that I live as thoughtfully as I can manage, educate friends and those around me, and try to go on myself.

In a very different way my friend Patrick at Root Cap has been writing about how we operate in the natural world. I beg you to take a look there.

And also consider coming down for some of the talks at UC Berkeley--- the topics and dates are on Life Begins at 30.

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