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February 20, 2006



Good to see the post! Lamb and dark meat and pot pie? Yes -- what a nice progression from winter. Gives me ideas for my own.

Now I'm waiting to discover what sorts of Finnish touches you can come up with. (Maybe you could ask Conan O'Brien...)

Oh: and why is it that while I recognize every book on your list, the music on the left column is totally unknown to me? Guess I'm just an unhip old broad, after all.


Because all the books on the list are yours.

I wouldn't be as abreast on music as I am being up here without The Big Takeover (magazine) amd internet radio, mostly WXYC (Chapel Hill).

Plus my musical tastes are pretty narrow.


You mean you'll be down on those dates in March?


Yes, we'll be in the Bay Area 3/13-3/16.


What he fails to mention is that although the days are sunny, the nights have been breathtakingly, painfully cold.

I've lived in some very cold places, and I never got as bone chilled there as I do here. And something about roofs white with frost doesn't feel very...springy.

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