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March 08, 2006



How many fan letters have you received? I still love this photo, even if you look like a runaway from the cast of "Oliver". Thanks for sharing it: it makes yesterday's post even more touching.


I was determined to be in a bad mood today - but you've swiftly put an end to that little idea.


You look like a Parisian gay ice skating duo, to be precise.

Not that there's anything wrong with that.

What an excellent picture to pair with that burger reminiscence.


No, you look like Shields and Yarnell! So cute.

shuna fish lydon

It's a good thing I'm not straight.


So, who does your hair?

Absolutely precious. I love the eyebrows. And the hair.


The hair is now officially done. As in over, not styled. Still have the eyebrows though.


French gay ice skating mime couple--not duo, couple. But truly adorable. My twelve year-old self would have swooned.

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