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March 25, 2006



I'm not as informed about this as I should be, but as far as I understand guest workers actually would pay taxes. But your comment about courting the Hispanic vote is right on the money. Bush is not in line with his party on this issue, and pundits believe it could fracture their base.


As i understand it, if you are an illegal immigrant, you CAN still file taxes and are recommended to do so. The immigration people and the tax people DO NOT talk to each other so you wont get grassed up for doing so. This explained me about an illegal irish immigrant who always paid his taxes regardless of working illegally. After several years of trying to get legal status (which he eventually did), this then meant he didn't owe any backpay taxes as anyone who hadn't kept up to date would.

In my cooking class the other night we were talking about how people dont know how to cook even basics re that article that was bouncing around the net last week. One woman, in her 50s probably, piped up that she is not suprised as people in America these days don't even know how to sweep a floor, they are so spoilt. (She assured me she did know how to sweep). I told her that I used to get down on my hands and knees and scrub floors in mine and other peoples' houses. She was visibally shocked. SHe had swept over a floor with a brooom, for sure, but she had never gotten down to the nitty gritty and scrubbed one with a bucket and a rag. I am so grateful to my mother for having brought me up with a sense of realism.


Amy: Yes, I understand that guest workers would be paying taxes and Sam: I have heard that illegals might file tax returns as well but if I had paid a coyote $2K to get me across the border and supply me with passable documents I might not be too keen to file taxes, even with assurances that two branches of the government don't "talk" to each other. It's one thing if you're a presumably Caucasian Irish immigrant who probably passes for a citizen in most circumstances. It's another if you are Mexican when even if you are born here people assume you are illegal.

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