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March 29, 2006



depends on how you perceived the feedback....

David Blaine

Recently, our town has been put on it's ear by a blog that has taken to reviewing restaurants. The site is well trafficked and gets higher google ranking then some of the restaurants own websites. The problem for some is that the reviews are highly individual and not done with a broad understanding of the restaurants offereings or the intended clientele.
I do have my own problem with taking one dish, made on one day and freezing it in time on somebody's website and watching hundreds of people look at that as the summary of my life work. But I knew being judged was part of the game before I started playing. I do harbor a desire to start websites where I critique the work of these populist critics own careers. Who says we can't micro-analyze teachers, real estate agents, and lawyers; then air out our opinions for the rest of the World? But alas, I have better things to do.

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