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April 24, 2006



I didn't blanch at all. I would love to taste this coated cod.

Hope the devils in your system get exorcised soon. Corragio!


My adolescence is making a comeback and all I could see with every mention of "POS" is "Piece of ****" which oddly didn't break up the flow of the post at all.

Would the rose dessert do better with a more inviting name? The description sounds awful delicious.



The rose dessert might indeed do better with a different name but the name is why I did the dessert at all. A dessert referencing an Idlewild song which references Gertrude Stein was too good to pass up.

The menu description reads: Roseability- Gertrude Stein says that's enough. Rose gelatin, tarragon pound cake, rose panna cotta.

I didn't expect to sell many of them, more because of the tarragon pound cake than the name.

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